Together With Christ: A Dating Couples Devotional: 52 Devotions and Bible Studies to Nurture Your Relationship Paperback


Together With Christ: A Dating Couples Devotional: 52 Devotions and Bible Studies to Nurture Your Relationship Paperback

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  • Paperback: 178 pages
  • Publisher: Althea Press (December 11, 2018)
  • Language: English

Prepare to say “I do” with weekly devotionals and bible studies to strengthen your relationship from Together With Christ: A Dating Couples Devotional.

True commitment is a gift from God―but it is a gift you have to be ready to receive. Together With Christ: A Dating Couples Devotional lays the foundation for a lifetime of love, faith, and understanding with relevant bible studies for today’s relationship trials.

Designed as a weekly devotional, this book contains 52 chapters of bible studies―one for each week of the year―that you and your partner can use to inspire discussion and strengthen your bond to each other and God. Applying scripture to real relationship tests, these practical devotionals delve into topics that include a healthy view of intimacy, family matters, work and money, and more!

How do you know if you’re ready to get married? Find out with:

  • 52 devotions for partners to discuss once per week to reinforce their connection to each other and with God.
  • Scripture for everyday life that applies bible study to love and relationships, along with bonding milestones such as personal values, morals, parenting, money, etc.
  • Date ideas to foster your connection through fun activities like going to a baseball game, watching the sun rise, or taste testing local coffee shops.

Get closer to each other and to His love and grace with Together With Christ: A Dating Couples Devotional.

Editorial Reviews


“As a pastor who has officiated weddings and done premarital counseling for over thirty years, I wish I had a book to give couples to prepare them for their journey. Together With Christ: A Dating Couple’s Devotional is just what the proverbial doctor ordered. I highly recommend it for couples, both before and after they get married. I only wish this book had been written decades ago.”―Dr. Phil Fernandes, Pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship, Professor of Apologetics and Religion for Veritas International University

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CHELSEA DAMON is the owner and creator of the blog, Living the Sweet Wife, where over 100,000 people read her advice on marriage and family each month. She also works as a content marketer for the New York City tech startup Scouted. She, her husband, Josh, and their two children spend their time looking for new places to hike and explore beautiful Washington State. Chelsea and Josh met while attending Liberty University, where they grew in their faith and dated for three years. They were married on the windy coast of Washington in 2013. Six months later they found out they were pregnant with their son. Throughout their dating and marriage relationship and into parenthood, they’ve been learning what it means to live loving God and loving others in a self-love world. For advice on marriage and family, read her blog or follow Chelsea and her family on Instagram @chelsealeighdamon.