Small Olive Wood Cross Necklace

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Small Olive Wood Cross Necklace


Pendant Size: 1.25″ X 1″   |   Hangs on 25″ Black Lace Cord

The beauty and fine craftsmanship of this exquisite
treasure is captured in each and every piece.
“Tav” ~ is the last letter of the alphabet in both Hebrew and Greek,
which represented the totality of a person’s life.
It symbolizes the cross of crucifixion.
St. Francis of Assisi was especially fond of it as a symbol,
signing correspondence with it in place of his own signature. 

Guaranteed to convey the message of Jesus in the perfect way.

We are called to reform our lives,
to stand in the presence of God as righteous people.
God will know us by the sign of the “Tau” marked on our foreheads.
 (Prophet Ezekiel (9:4)

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