Jesus Praying Icons

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Jesus Praying Icons


Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″   |   Made in Russia   | 

Here are beautiful Icons of Christ.
Jesus Praying in the Garden Icon
These artistic pieces are often collected as sets.

The background is gold leaf.
Gold is used in Icons to represent
divine light because of its high value and ability to reflect
and enrich light in a way so different from pigment.

Every color and every feature in Icons has a meaning.
The color Blue – denotes Divinity, Red – the Life Blood of Humanity,
Yellow/Gold – Eternal Life, Green – New Birth,
Brown – The Earth from which all things grow,
Black – Death, Orange – Revolution, and White/Silver – Purity.

The images are high quality offset print with
golden paint ornaments printed over wood.
They depict ancient Byzantine perspective of orthodox Christianity.