Jerusalem Cross - Olive Wood & Mother of Pearl Necklace

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Jerusalem Cross - Olive Wood & Mother of Pearl Necklace


Pendant Size: 1.1″ x 1.1″      
 Hangs on Brown Lace Cord Size: 25″   |   Individually Baged with a Holy Land Card

* Every Necklace is beautifully presented for gift giving
with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Biblical Picture

  • Hangs on Brown Lace Cord Size: 25″ – Pendant Size: 0.75″ x 1.1”
  • Made with Olive Wood and Multi Color Mother of Pearl
• Hand Crafted Jerusalem Cross Necklaces Made in the Holy Land
• Designed by Christian artists in Bethlehem
• The Olive Wood/Mother of Pearl necklace come to you with cards:
“About the Olive Wood of Jerusalem”
“About the Mother of Pearl”
“About the Jerusalem Cross”

• Every necklace is unique and is One-of-A-Kind
• ‘Jerusalem Cross’ also known as the “Crusaders Cross” or the “New Jerusalem”
Focusing attention on the Divine and heavenly restoration of Jerusalem
• The Mother of Pearl possess a history and allure and Long known as
The “Queen of Gems”. Mother of Pearls symbolism represents
fertility and rebirth.

• The olive wood is a unique wood with beautiful grains of
colors and patterns
• We highlight the quality and durability of these perfectly sized necklaces and their symbolic significance

You will love these beautiful collection of hand carved
and Multi-Color Mother of Pearl pendants!
A great gift for men or woman!

Every Cross in this collection is unique because of the variety of the
Olive Wood grains and the richness and Brilliant of the Mother of Pearl.